Life and music career

"Elvis' previously undiscovered music?!" That's the latest commentary from those who have heard the album, Kingtinuing: I'm Alive. Released on February 14th, 2012 and is currently available on Amazon Music and iTunes. It is hard to tell if it isn’t actually Elvis--other than most of the music was created after he died in 1977. Vocalist Ron Jesse touches on what might have been had Elvis lived. The music touches almost all genres including the music of Richard Marx, David Foster, Josh Groban and Celine Dion. The touching Heartland song, "I Loved Her First", the stage performance of Les Misérables' "Bring Him Home" and even some classic jazz of Louis Armstrong are included.

Production style

The first track of the album "I'm Alive," is a rollicking version of the live on-stage Las Vegas style performances complete with conversation directed to his adoring audience. The King expands his repertoire in what might be referred to as the 2012 comeback. Any fan can just close their eyes and imagine what might have been now in this latest iteration of a career which now spans 50 years. The album was created and produced by Keith Gordon and supervised by Grammy award-winner Brian Leach of Joy-Ride Studios in Chicago.

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